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Reds of mornings
Blacks of night
Yearning of the past and the freshness of the present
All caught up in an amalgamation of the five elements
Under the spell of maya
Engulfing, floundering, celebrating it…

Enchanting me, seducing me
Into her world of magic, a world of dreams
And like an enchantress, holding my hand
Walking me through this inexplicable experience
Influencing me to open my thoughts to greater heights
Stringing me into watching the flight limitless dreams
Into the discipline of happening…
Makes my path…my destination.

Seema Kohli

I am a child of the Cosmos. The Universe is my realm and I am an intrinsic part of it
My fascination with colours goes back a long way and I have always been intrigued by the cosmic cycle of life and the Powers that be.My oeuvres are a manifestation of all that is around, from creation to procreation, and to the final liberation. My creativie expression is channelized through my emblematic figures, and therein unfolds the story of the Cosmos. Ever since I remember, I have always been on the quest of the essence of relationships, with the Self, between the Self and the Inner Self, between the Inner Self and the Ultimate Soul. In the course of the journey, I discovered Hiranyagarbha (the Golden Womb) while contemplating on the Yajur Veda. This then became the central premise of my creations and finally my own existence. The creative process has been slow and enriching, akin to a spiritual experience and I have traversed and transcended boundaries, within and without. As an artist, delving into my Creative reservoir and tapping into my subconscious data has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. The mundane was suddenly transformed into the new. It was alchemy of experience into colour and form that I wanted to offer the Divine. However, the need to expand my vista was intense. My journey then took a special route, culminating in diverse media of expression---be it films, sculpture, installation or painting. The creations have always been inspired by the ubiquitous Creator Himself. I am only the chosen medium. At this point in time, I am content, but my thirst for new pastures has not diminished. Every moment, I strive to grow and to discover other facets of my Self. The journey is extensive, but for me the meanderings down the creative path is my reason to be.

..Seema Kohli
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